54th Congress (2019)

Sessions and Papers sponsored by Musicology at Kalamazoo

Organizers: Cathy Ann Elias, DePaul Univ.; Luisa Nardini, Univ. of Texas– Austin; Anna Kathryn Grau, DePaul Univ
  • Session 32: Chant and Liturgy (Presider: Luisa Nardini)
    • On Guido’s Monochord Division Techniques: A Reflection and Reconstruction (Guangming Li, Univ. of California–Los Angeles)
    • The Properization of the Divine Office through Psalm Antiphons (William Peter Mahrt, Stanford Univ.)
    • Klosterneuburg MS 1013 and the Pre-History of the Type 2 Visitatio Sepulchri (Michael L. Norton, James Madison Univ.)
  • Session 80: Composition, Craft, and Performance (Presider: Anna Kathryn Grau )
    • Songs That Know Each Other: Shared Traits in Anonymous Fifteenth-Century Chansons (Adam Knight Gilbert, Univ. of Southern California)
    • A Crown to Her Husband: Gendered Authority and Ritual Embassy in the Sequence Ex te lux oritur (Gillian L. Gower, Independent Scholar)
    • Regarding Archaisms and Modernisms in Du Fay’s Nuper rosarum flores (Kevin N. Moll, East Carolina Univ.)
    • Voice of the Cathedral: Sound and Space in Twelfth-Century Notre-Dame Polyphony (Kacie Morgan, Univ. of California–Los Angeles)
  • Session 132: Emotion and Meaning in Music (Presider: Cathy Ann Elias)
    • Called to Holiness by the Sounds of Music (Marijim S. Thoene, Independent Scholar)
    • Medieval Notions of Disability in the Miracle Stories of the Cantigas de Santa (Matthew Joseph Ovalle, Univ. of Texas–Austin)
    • “It Ought Also To Be Gentle”: Du Fay’s Ave Regina Caelorum III as a Musical Analog to Extreme Unction (Stephanie Ruozzo, Case Western Reserve Univ.)
  • Session 240: Reading Medieval Musical Notation (A workshop led by Anna Zayaruznaya, Yale Univ.)
  • Session 297: Chant and Liturgy in the Beneventan Zone (Presider: Kevin N. Moll, East Carolina Univ.)
    • A New Source for the Salernitan Liturgy, the Manuscript Vercelli, Museo Leone, 24 (Gionata Brusa, Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften)
    • The Combination of Genres in the Mass Book: Early Evidence from the Beneventan Zone and Beyond (Andrew J. M. Irving, Rijksuniv. Groningen)
    • Prosulas and Neo-Gregorian chants in Vercelli, Museo Leone, 24 (Luisa Nardini)
    • Tonal Structure and Textual Meaning in the Music of the Beneventan Rite (Matthew Peattie, Univ. of Cincinnati)
  • Session 514: Notations/Re-Notations/Annotations I (Presider: Sarah Ann Long, Michigan State Univ.)
    • Come Children of Eve: On the Origins of an English Liturgical Dialogue (Alison Altstatt, Univ. of Northern Iowa)
    • The Codex Buranus, Its Notation, and Its Origin (Charles E. Brewer, Florida State Univ.)
    • Melody, Mode, and Memory (Lila Collamore, Independent Scholar)
  • Session 544: Notations/Re-Notations/Annotations II ( Presider: Gillian L. Gower, Independent Scholar)
    • The Role of the Parisian Book Production Community in the Dissemination of Liturgical Practices in Late Medieval France (Sarah Ann Long, Michigan State Univ.)
    • Newly Discovered Neumes in the Binding of a 1502 Calepino Dictionary (Steven A. Stofferahn, Indiana State Univ.; Thomas J. Johnson, Indiana State Univ.)
    • Mi-kmaw Catholicism and Chant in the Nineteenth Century (Jennifer Bain, Dalhousie Univ.)