Musicology at Kalamazoo is a “sponsoring organization” of the International Congress on Medieval Studies, held every May at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, MI. Sponsoring organizations are responsible for organizing one or more sessions each year, including soliciting and selecting papers.

Submission Process

Each May, at a business meeting during the Congress, attendees discuss and select a number of session topics, which the Musicology committee proposes to the Congress committee, along with intellectual justification for each topic. The Congress approves some number of these topics; in recent years, we have had five to six sessions approved each year. The Congress as a whole issues a call for papers, and Musicology at Kalamazoo circulates more detailed information about our sessions.

Abstracts are due directly to the Congress in the fall (typically on or around September 15) every year. Two of the three committee members assess the papers without authors’ names attached; a third member with knowledge of the authors’ identities consults in order to maintain a balance of presenters from various communities and career stages. Note that some other sponsoring organizations or individual session chairs that form part of the Congress might accept papers before the fall deadline, meaning that sessions may be filled before the deadline. Musicology at Kalamazoo does not consider any proposals until the fall deadline, and cannot guarantee any presenter a spot before that time.

Once their decisions are finalized (typically on or around October 1), the committee forwards a list of accepted papers to the Congress committee; papers not accepted for the Musicology sessions are forwarded as well, for consideration by the Committee in putting together General Sessions. The Congress notifies authors directly, typically in December.